Where to Buy Charcoal Bleach for Hair? [Comprehensive Answer] - CGAA (2023)

Where to Buy Charcoal Bleach for Hair? [Comprehensive Answer] - CGAA (1)

If you’re looking to buy charcoal bleach for your hair there are several places that you can look. Charcoal bleaching is becoming a more popular way to get the hair of your dreams, and the process requires special ingredients that may be difficult to find without some guidance.


  • Which stores sell charcoal bleach for hair?
  • Are there any online retailers that sell charcoal bleach for hair?
  • Is charcoal bleach for hair available at beauty supply stores?

The first place to look for charcoal bleach is at a local beauty supply store or salon. Many salons offer an array of professional grade bleaches used in hair coloring, and some might even mix their own special recipes with charcoal bleach included in the mix. Additionally, local beauty supply stores are now carrying specialized products including charcoal-based bleaches specifically designed for at-home use.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for at your local stores, then it might be time to consider going online. There are plenty of sites that carry products suitable for making your own homemade charcoal bleach, including DIY haircare outlets like Amazon or Ebay, beauty product suppliers like Sally Beauty, cosmetic websites like Makeup Geek and more. Just be sure to read up on the reviews and company policies before making your purchase!

When shopping for charcoal bleach it is also beneficial to be prepared with as much knowledge as possible. It is essential that you follow all instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully when using bleaching agents; education about how bleaching works, its risks and how to properly use it helps minimize any potential damage done to the hair shaft in the process. And if all else fails then always remember that there are resources such as bathroom sinks wearing gloves and careful observation readily available that can help facilitate safe styling opportunities at home whenever necessary!

Which stores sell charcoal bleach for hair?

Charcoal bleach has recently become a popular choice for those looking to lighten and brighten their hair. But where can you find this innovative beauty product? Well, you’re in luck! It can be purchased in a variety of stores including pharmacies, drugstores, beauty supply stores and even some grocery stores.

At your local drugstore, check the hair care aisle for charcoal bleach products like Schwarzkopf Professional blondme Instant Blondesk Hair Lightening Bleach. This easy-to-use powder is designed to work one level per application to create beautiful blonde highlights in 10 minutes. If this doesn’t satisfy your lightening needs, pharmacy chains like CVS and Walmart offer both complete hair lightening systems and acetone-free bleach kits that give you full control over the shade you desire.

If you want to purchase a top of the line charcoal hair bleaching kit that lasts long after coloring session is finished, checkout beauty supply stores like Sally Beauty Supply or Ulta Beauty Stores. At these locations, you will find salon grade products like L'Oreal Paris Lightening Kit for Lighter Natural Black Hair. Not only does this kit make up to 4 lightening applications with just one purchase; it also contains an acidic conditioning balm that helps condition strands as it lifts away color during processing.

No matter what type of charlcoal bleach products you’re looking for, there are plenty of resources available to get the job done right!

Are there any online retailers that sell charcoal bleach for hair?

If you're looking for a product to give your hair an extra boost of color and lightening, charcoal bleach might be the right choice! Made from activated charcoal and hydrogen peroxide, this combination can give your hair a terrific lift. Since it is natural and contains no harsh chemicals, there is minimal damage to the strands. But with so many online retailers out there, how do you know where to get the best charcoal bleach for hair?

Well, fear not! We have rounded up some of the top online retailers that provide high-quality charcoal bleach specifically formulated for hair. One great option to consider is MANIC PANIC®. Not only do they offer bleaching kits, but they also carry other products such as Hair Dye and Color Sealer for ultimate lasting color. For those on a budget – or who prefer to shop around – Sally Beauty is another great option. They carry both professional-grade bleaches and budget-friendly options from trusted brands like L'Oréal® Paris Colorista Hair Bleach & Lightener Kit as well as Wella Professionals® Blondor Multi-Blonde Bleaching Kit Plus Liquid Developer.

If price isn’t an issue but quality is paramount, consider Splat Hair Color™. It’s widely known that they produce some of the highest quality charcoal bleaches on the market, making them one of the go-to suppliers in the beauty industry today. With so many amazing options out there, finding a retailer that has what you need shouldn't be difficult! With this guide in hand, you are now set up to find a safe and high-quality charcoal bleach solution that works best for your hair needs. Good luck shopping!

Is charcoal bleach for hair available at beauty supply stores?

Yes, charcoal bleach for hair is available at many beauty supply stores. This type of bleach is becoming increasingly popular due to the dual effects it has on hair: lightening the natural color and removing excessive sebum, oil, and debris. Charcoal bleach is usually made with finely ground bamboo and activated carbon, giving it an abrasive texture that helps to scrub away dirt and product buildup from the scalp and hair shaft. This unique combination of ingredients also helps to lighten natural coloring without causing any damage to delicate strands.

What really sets charcoal bleach apart from other bleaching solutions is its gentle action. Unlike traditional bleaching products which can leave hair feeling dry and brittle, darkening washes are significantly gentler due to their pH balance which is closer to that of your skin’s natural oils. With its perfect blend of cruelty-free components, you get maximum results with minimal damage; something all beauty experts look for in a new product!

Using a charcoal based bleaching agent can help provide safe alternatives for color removal without having to deal with harsh chemicals like ammonia or peroxide—ideal for those with sensitive scalps or who suffer from allergies. If you’re thinking about using this type of bleach for your next hairstyle transformation, check your local beauty supply store for availability—or ask your stylist if they have access to this innovative product!

What is a good brand for charcoal bleach for hair?

Bleaching your hair is a great way to add dimension, brightness, and boldness to your look. Charcoal bleach is a specially formulated product designed to lift the color of your hair in a gentler, safer way that combines the peroxide properties of regular bleach but with the added benefit of charcoal’s natural purifying, detoxifying qualities.

When looking for the best brand of charcoal bleach for hair, it’s important to consider that some charcoal bleaches offer extra nourishing ingredients like coconut oil or shea butter for protection against breakage. Additionally, look for those products that don’t contain harsh chemicals such as ammonia or parabens.

One brand that comes highly recommended is Revlon Frost & Glow Honey Bleach. This product uses a gentle honey formula with a hint of blonde toner to offer an incredibly delicate bleaching process, while leaving you with brilliant shades of blonde and ash brown. It also contains pure shea butter and coconut oil which help protect your hair from damage so you can maintain healthy and shiny locks after every use. Plus, this product is free from ammonia, parabens and hydrogen peroxide making it one of safest yet effective choices on the market today.

Overall, if you’re searching for an effective bleaching method with added nourishment for your hair without the risk for harsh damage caused by traditional bleaches, then Revlon Frost & Glow Honey Bleach is a great brand to try out!

Are there any salons that offer a charcoal bleach for hair treatment?

In recent years, there is an increased demand for services like bleach and color treatments for hair. Many people are looking for ways to switch up their look without committing to a major hair style change. One such option is a charcoal bleach treatment, a new trend in hair bleaching that has been gaining popularity. Charcoal bleaching offers a unique ability in that it removes dark shades and impurities from the hair but does not strip it of its natural oils, allowing people to go lighter without damaging their hair too much.

So are there salons that offer this type of treatment? The answer is yes! Charcoal bleaching is becoming increasingly more popular and many salons now provide this service. The process will typically start off with the stylist applying either an ammonia or oil-based formula to the hair before breaking down the dye molecules even further with heat. This allows them to deposit the lighter tones on the shaft of your hair while keeping it healthy and hydrated at the same time. The results tend to be beautifully subtle and sophisticated, making your overall look more dynamic just with a subtle shift in color.

It's important to note that most salons recommend coming back every two weeks or so after they have initially performed this process on you in order to keep your newly lightened locks from becoming too dry and brittle. Also, similar to any other treatment such as highlights or dyeing services, this process should be left up to professionals as going about it on your own can lead to disaster if not done correctly. With that being said, when done properly by an experienced stylist, charcoal bleach can be a great way of achieving beautiful sun-kissed tresses!

Where to Buy Charcoal Bleach for Hair? [Comprehensive Answer] - CGAA (2)

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Is charcoal bleach good for your hair? ›

Light Scale Charcoal Bleach lifts up to 10 levels that creates perfect blonde and leaves hair healthy and hydrated. The charcoal not only gives the bleaching paste its characteristic black color, it also neutralizes unwanted yellow/orange undertones whilst purifying the hair.

Is charcoal lightener a bleach? ›

Additionally, these charcoal-based bleaches are versatile. Depending on developer and technique, so many results can be achieved. From double process blonding, high-low contrast hand-painting or super soft subtle lightness, this lightener always delivers.

What brand of bleach do hairdressers use? ›

Final Verdict. The best professional hair bleach overall is Wella Blondor Powder Lightener, a colorist-recommended formula that offers gentle lifting while minimizing yellowish tones.

Can you use charcoal bleach on wet hair? ›

No, bleaching your hair after washing is not recommended. Professionals use a spray to dampen the hair strands before bleaching. That's because when the hair is wet from the roots to the ends, it is weaker. Moreover, washing your hair strips away the natural oils that serve as a protective barrier.

What happens if you leave bleach in for 40 minutes? ›

There's a misconception that bleach will work better the longer you leave it on. The maximum amount of time you should leave bleach on your hair is 30 minutes. Any longer than that and you run the risk of serious damage, including brittle strands.

How do hairdressers lighten dark hair without bleach? ›

Box or professional color can lighten your hair 1-2 levels without the need for bleach. This is because you often use a developer along with these colors, which can lighten your hair even without the interaction with bleach. Keep in mind that color matters even when using box dye or professional color, however.

What is the best hair lightener for dark hair without bleach? ›

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color B3, Café con Leche, is a high lift shade with ultra reflective warm tones designed to lighten dark hair up to 3 levels with out any bleach. B3 is best for anyone with natural hair between medium brown and black.

Is there a way to lighten dark hair without bleach? ›

Fortunately, there are four much safer ways to lighten your hair at home without the risks of bleach mishaps.
  1. Sunshine. Your hair will lighten on its own when exposed to UV and UVA rays. ...
  2. Lemon Juice. “My favorite way to lighten hair is lemon juice and sunshine! ...
  3. Chamomile. Yep, just like the tea. ...
  4. Vinegar.

What is the best hair bleaching kit for at home? ›

The 11 Best Bleach Kits You Can Use At Home
Best For All Hair Types: BRAE Bond Angel Plex Hair Bond ReconstructorPrice on Amazon
Best Color-Safe Option: Punky Colour Intrabond Lightning Fast 40 Vol Bleach KitPrice on Amazon
Best No-Drip Formula: KISS Lift Up Complete Bleach & Tone KitPrice on Amazon
7 more rows

What is the strongest bleach on the market? ›

What is the strongest type of bleach? Chlorine bleach is a very strong bleaching agent. If you want a strong multipurpose bleach, consider using OMO Bleach Active.

What do salons use instead of bleach? ›

At a salon

A trained hairstylist and colorist can use hydrogen peroxide in a salon to lighten your hair. They'll make sure to match the final color to your skin tone and can add highlights if necessary.

Is charcoal bleach more damaging? ›

Damaged hair leads to breakage, and with that brittle strands, which then give the perception of thinning hair. Using charcoal bleach still involves the use of chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, which can cause skin irritation and hair damage, especially when too much is used or precautions are not taken.

What does charcoal do to the hair? ›

Activated charcoal benefits for hair

Activated charcoal deeply cleanses your scalp and removes impurities that might be weighing your hair down. This makes your hair feel lighter instantly. Plus, charcoal shampoos can quickly revive your tired, lifeless, dull hair and leave you with lightweight, free-flowing tresses.

What does charcoal shampoo do to blonde hair? ›

Voodoo's charcoal shampoo bar fills strands with bounce, shine, and superior health, in addition to enhancing the color of your tresses. If you're blonde, it'll help tone down brassiness, and if you have a darker shade, it'll look even richer.

What does charcoal shampoo do to bleached hair? ›

It can help to remove oil, dirt, and product buildup from your hair that can make your blonde color look dull and lifeless. Charcoal shampoo can also help to improve the strength and texture of your hair, and it can even help to reduce yellowing caused by hard water or overuse of styling products.

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