FULL PANEL: RHONJ's Teresa Giudice Responds to Joe Gorga Rumors | BravoCon 2022 | Bravo (2023)


Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey BravoCon 2022 panel. Teresa Giudice responds to Joe Gorga separation rumors. Also, Jennifer Aydin talks about the state of her marriage and says Joe Gorga will regret not going to his sister's wedding.

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I feel like we should have been playing.

Here comes the bride, walking out.

Congratulations Thank you.

Thank you.


Do you remember of that wedding night, we're so excited to see on bravo? But? What are your? What are your fondest memories of that night? Well, I made sure I had fun because I'm like, I, planned Louie and I planned the whole thing.

And I was so happy that he wanted to be involved with me.


Did it with the wedding, planner, and I swear.

We enjoyed the whole night.

Like when it was over.

We extended to 1:00 AM.

People were still there.

Dolores was there? Yes, I was.

So, a lot of pity.

I wanted to go home.


It was the best time looking at each other., And I can't wait for more., Yeah, and I.

Can't wait for all you guys to see it.

And I wait and.

I found it for you, guys.

I, really did.


That was your favorite memory from the wedding.

Oh, my God.


She walked out, I can't give it up.


When she walked out of the chapel.

It was the most beautiful moment.

And I was just everybody was in awe.


It was a moment for all of us.

It, really was.

She looked beautiful.

The setting was beautiful., Louie was, like, beaming with pride, and it was just perfect.

The sun was setting through the clouds.

It was like, what? You know? Yeah, and it was supposed to rain that day, remember? Yeah Yeah.


You guys closed out the party.

You just said we did.

We stayed till the end.

The lights were on., They were literally kicking people out, and there was mayhem in front of the venue.

Good thing.

Our hotel was right.

Next door.

Yeah, well.

We obviously can wait to see it on bravo, can we?.

There was something really funny that happens before the wedding, where another housewife, Ramona singer, leaked the wedding.


What was your reaction when that happened.

And how to handle that? Wow, you know, because there's a lot of crazies out there, you know, so I was like and I really like.

No, no, no.

Not you guys.


Now like, you know, people from the past.

So I was like.

When that happened, I was like, Oh my God.


It was on for, like a half hour.

So, someone called me: like, Ramona, just posted your invitation on her story.

I'm, like, what? And, then right away, I called her and I'm like, Ramona, you just posted my invitation.

I'm on your story.

She's like, what? She's, like, well, Teresa, I only posted it because it was the most beautiful invitation.

I've ever gotten.


She says, and I get a lot of invitations.

I'm like.

So I couldn't get mad at her when she said that was a Thank you.

But I'm like.

Can you please take it down? So.

She took it down.


She said she didn't mean anything bad by it, so I can't get mad at her.


Then she doesn't even come to the wedding.

Yes, I know she does.


You know what? There's, nothing I could do about it.

Like, you know.

It was her choice.

I invited her.

I did the right, thing.

We bonded on the Ultimate Girls trip.

So I did my part.

Yeah Thank you, guys.

So I did my part.

She didn't want to come.

That was her loss.

We had the best night.

Yes true.


There were a lot of other famous Bravo faces at the wedding.

Who is the most fun to hang out with? Well, you know: what? It's interesting.

Chanel Ayan from Dubai.

Hi I was having lunch with her a few days before Teresa's wedding, and she's a big fan of Teresa.

So we face time, Teresa.


Then she was like, oh, my god, I love, you, Teresa.

love you and Louie and everything.


Then Teresa was like.

We want to come to my wedding.


She was like, I, don't have anything to wear.


She was like, no.


First I invited her to Louie's Bachelor party.

Yes, I invite her to Roger's Bachelor party.

And, then back I heard to the way.

I really want you to come to my wedding.

Like I know it's last minute, but I would love for you to be there.


Then ayaan was like.

You know, what? I, don't care if I know nothing to wear.


There, for you, is more important.

So I'm going to come and I'm going to kill, it.

And I in New Jersey would have such a connection.


Just fine.

There was a Bailey was there, Phaedra was there a lot of Housewives were there.

It was super fun.

Jill Zarin right.

Dorinda yeah, there was a lot.

It was like bravocon wedding., Yes, Yes.

Was there.

Anyone that you were surprised to really connect with at the wedding? Dolores well, I was surprised to see how close I am and all of us, god, we're.

So close.

But we love her.

She's, a doll.


You know, we're we're literally come from separate parts of the world, but we, but we clicked right.

Away, right?, All of us clicked.

I'm, the only housewife that I watched from start to finish.


Just, because I had the time.

It was Dubai.

Yeah oh, I, like Dubai.

Yes, I, did., Right yeah, I had COVID.

That's, right.

And, that's why., Yes wait, guys, I got COVID three weeks before our wedding, so you'll see that play out next season.


We had the time and we watched it, and she made me crack up like I love people that make me laugh, fun, so funny.

And, I, think for all of us.

One of the reasons why we love this.

This series is because this cast has been together for many seasons, which is a real rarity for real hockey.


Do you think it is about this group that you've been able to Last together for so long when that's again,? It's really not typical for a Real Housewives franchise.

Well, there's I mean, franchise or I mean, for me, I've been on for five years.

All of you, together.

I did five years.

With this group.- And I just feel like everybody in this group is very authentic and being who they are.


That's what I think keeps us.


I know that.

Also we all care very much about our families.


We really share that with each other.


We have a lot of the same things: going on, same family values, same family values and friends., And, Dolores and I know each other since our 20s.

Yeah, early twenties, Yes.


So we go way: back.

Yeah, that's amazing., Yeah and obviously there can be conflict and shifts and dynamics amongst the cast.

But I'm curious.

What it's like for these husbands and ex-husbands to be involved.


Do you handle shouldn't be involved, but how do you handle it? As much as their wife complains,? They should not get involved.

Yeah, that's true.

And often they they manage to stay friends with each other, land properly.

While some of the wives are feuding., How, do.


Do you handle that when your wife might be feuding with your friend's other wife, but you two are still hanging out: together? Bello's, the best.

Yeah, he is.

Thank you.

Yes well, it's obviously a challenge.

And, you know.

We try to take a step back and not get as involved in the heat of the moment., And I.

Think the next day or two days later or a week, later, the cooler heads prevail.

We, try to kind of be a voice of reason.


At least it's a good answer.

You're, always the voice of reason.

He's, so good.

He's, so good.

He's such a gentleman.

I, know Phil before I know, everybody, I worked with Bill., He and I will come for anyone who comes for him.

Yeah, Thank, you.

As, you should.

Yes Yeah.


What do you think it is about this group of men that they're bonding so, so strongly? Like,? What is.

They? oh, my God.

You guys are going to make me cry.

Really? and let me tell you.

Dolores will tell you.

Don't, you dare cry me.

Tells me all the time.

All right.

Because, every time., Every time you cry, she goes.

I, get all the hate mail.

All, right., No oh, my gosh.

Oh, now I know why they were screaming.


My goodness.

With this this group of guys.

What I always point out all the time is what you see on the screen.


The cameras were not rolling.

It's the exact same thing.


Really it's no different.

And guys.

We have our issues.


Really we have our issues.

We, just don't let it go on and on and on.

We have a hard enough time trying to keep all of our wives or ex wives from fighting with one another.

Right, but and that's what we do.

We try not to get involved and we try.

Sometimes you guys are like girls.

Not really.

All, right., Yeah, I, mean, frank, really.

I know we do.

We try to stay out of it.

Oh, you try.

Oh, yeah, I, guess., I mean, ask the fans.

Oh, yes.

He gets very involved.

You guys be messy to be messy TV, but we get involved to one another.

Yes, of course.


We don't.

We, try we try to stay out of it.

I, never got involved in women's stuff.

Never I never.

No no.

He did it for me.


He had a list for me.

Getting, involved? Yeah, me and you.

Different than everybody else.

But I got in a fight with someone.

Jennifer, he wouldn't say to me.

Oh, yeah, do this.

Do that., Absolutely, not., Never, no, I, don't tell anybody to do.


It would be like if I was fighting, I think, oh.

What's the big deal? Just drop it.

Exactly right.

Yeah, let it go.


So he participates in idle gossip with other women, then? Sometimes, Yes.

100%, OK.


Henceforth, the name.

Let's see Frank.

Let's, see Frank.

Exactly I like messy.

You, guys, listen to me.

Do me, a favor.

I like it.

One thing.

You're going to get from me is the truth.

All right.

One thing: I have no.

I, have no reason.

Is it? I, don't have I, don't have to go home at night and worry about what my wife's going to say to me because I don't have a wife on the show.


Why do I say whatever I want? I don't have her any.

I don't have to lie.

Yeah all right.

All right.

Well, Louis.

This is clearly a fiery group.

How are you settling in with everybody? I'm settling in really well with everybody, honestly., Love, you, Louie., I love, you, too, Bill., No, everybody's really good at the show.

Yeah, all the guys.

And? How is season having one season behind you? Do? You feel more settled in this, this time: around? Yeah, it's., It's, it's.

I come from bathroom.

My, honey.

This is all new to him.

This whole world.

But, like I, come from.

I come from a.

Tell us about yourself.


Tell us about yourself.

Oh, tell us about myself.


What's your sign? Let's start with that.

No, I'm kidding.

I was born in the.

I was born in the Bronx.

Bronx and you have to wait.


Do you guys think he is? The Washington nationality.

Latino German.

What? Are they saying? Latino? They say he is Latino.

He's he's Dominican, Mexican and Puerto Rican.

So everyone.

Everyone always thought he was Italian.

I'm, like, no, he's Latino., So and I love that he definitely has the fire in them.

So, obviously raised in the Bronx.

You raise the Bronx, you were raised in the Bronx, in the Bronx, born and raised in the Bronx, moved up to the suburbs of New York.

Probably around 13, 14 years old.

I have two sisters, one sitting right there in the front row: high.

Stand up high.

She's single, by the way, and she's single.

She's, so cute.

She's, like $1 Bill.

And, you know, so I have two sisters who I adore.

I have a brother who lives in Florida.

I have two parents who invested a lot of their time and life into us getting out of the Bronx, getting to the suburbs.

We've all, as brothers and sisters, have went out and created our own career paths and stuff.

I started a company when I was 19 years old in the media, field.

Marketing and media, and I took the company public on the NASDAQ in 2020.

I've done I've done a pretty successful, career.

Moving on.

You, guys wanted to know about louie? They wanted to know about Louie.

I want to clarify one thing.

Teresa is Teresa is the love of my life.

Oh, no.

This is really true., That's, really true.

But, but what is.

Look, I'm 48 years, old.

I was married to my high school sweetheart, who I met when I was 13, got married at 24.

Had kids at 27, 29.

We got divorced, 35.

And I'm, going to I'm going to take all the fault and blame myself, because I woke up when I was around 32, 33, dealing with a lot of like childhood stuff that goes, on.

And, so I was married, married to I was about 36 years.

Old, got divorced., We have two kids today.

We I have one son full time.

My ex-wife has my other son that we shared together.

And I, moved out to Jersey in 2016, full time., And I met Teresa walking and we met walking.

There, you go.

There, you go.

That's, the movie life story.

Here, we go.

Jennifer, as we've already seen, today, you're, not afraid to speak.

Your opinion on the show? No, I'm not.


There anything you've said on camera that you regret? No, not really., No, no, really., I, mean, I, say whatever comes to my mind.

And of course.

Sometimes you have a little bit regret, but then it makes you who you are.


It's just a lesson learned for the next time.

So for me.

There are no mistakes.

They're, just lessons.

Yeah well, speaking of, you know, growing and learning.

You and Dolores seem to be in a very good spot right: now., After, yeah, so far.

Share of rocky territory., No, I'm, happy to say, that.

Like, for me, I feel like we're back and better than ever.


We figured out our friendship.

There's things that we don't like, and we're going to work on those.


That's what we learned about each other.

Yeah, that.

And again, you like for like I said.

You live and learn.

Yeah, yeah, Yeah.


How is your relationship with Teresa grown over these years? I mean, for me,? The relationship we have is just as strong off camera as it is on.


That's one of the reasons.

I think that I'm so loyal to her, which I find it interesting when people find that shocking, because if you think about your own circle of friendships, if you had a very good girlfriend and they were going through milestones in their life, wouldn't you celebrate them or would your friends say that you're kissing her ass? So? If you don't have good friends, like, I feel bad,? But if you were my friend, you would see what a great friend I am.

I'm, very loyal.

Teresa, you can.

You, can give your own account on that.

No, she is., Yeah and vice versa.

It is vice.


Teresa sticks up for me and has my back all the time.

No, and I love.


Like, you know., And, I, know that., I, know that., And, I think she's.

Our friendship.

Yeah, that's all that matters.

That I, know that.

And as one of Teresa's really good friends.

Do you think that Joe and Melissa made the right decision by not attending the wedding? I think that they had to do what was best for them? At that moment, in time.

However however, there will be a day, trust and believe.

If not soon.

One day, he is going to regret not being there for his sister's wedding.

You don't.


If what was going down, it was the best decision at the time.


You don't not show up for family.

That's, just a testament to the type of family.

You are.

We could have been on his panel.

I invite him here.

If he wants to come and talk.

You know, the separation.

The separation didn't come from.


The separation came from the network.


We have no idea why we're not together.

Right I can't hear I can't hear what you're saying.

What did Joe say? All right, Teresa.

What did the panels? Split? Well, I, really.

Wait really, for Teresa.

Teresa's got that much power.

I guess I'm the boss.

Yeah no, but I said it.

Thay., You, didn't.

I didn't do it., No, I'm saying.

I'm, not the boss.

In there, holding on for dear life., Honey got it.

They're going to say.

Michael here.

They're, going to say whatever they need to say to keep them.


So we're going to.

It's going to be some reunion.

So I wanted to talk about another difficult topic.

We would have welcomed a panel altogether because at the end of the day, we're all professional.

And we're able to be cordial with each other.

So I wished.

We were all together.

This way.

Maybe Joe, wouldn't have said anything negative and I wouldn't have had to respond.


While, while I have you in the hospital, I, don't know what happened.

Apparently, he's saying some stuff that the panel was split because of us.

You guys will have to read about it on the blog.

Yeah I, don't know.

All right,! So now that you're still in the hot seat, I want to ask you one more a little bit difficult.


Are you sure? Yeah, so obviously, last season was a difficult season for, for you and Bill.

I know you didn't want the infidelity to come to light, but after having weathered all of that last year, do you think your relationship has gotten stronger? Absolutely just like it got stronger? The first time.

It got stronger this time and we're stronger than ever.


Was it like to watch it on TV again after living? It again? You, know what it was? None of that even mattered.

Everything that was really just I was doubling down on.

Was my kids having to know.

Yeah, so we're.

I don't care if everybody knows.

Just I cared that they knew that they didn't know.

And every time, like, reliving it was just like, oh.

My god, is something someone going to say something to one of my kids? And.

One of the guidance counselors at Gabby's school had stopped her and said, hey, you know.

If there's anything, you want to talk, about, I'm, here.

And, it made her feel very uncomfortable and awkward and a gesture so nice, as that was now affecting my children.

For me in a negative way.

So, while all that was going on, the only thing I cared about was protecting.

My kids.

They will always be doing fine as long as mommy and daddy are doing fine.

And we're doing fine.

Yeah bill.

How are you feeling at the end of all of that drama from last year? It, definitely got us to a better place.

You know.

We put it behind us years ago, but obviously, when you lived through it again and in public, know, it brings kind of memories.


And, you have to do it right.

Again., So I have taken more time to be with my wife, taking more time off from work, so to speak.

You know, you dwell in in your work and you get lost sometimes.


So coming back to the family and to the house is always healthier.

It puts things in perspective., Yeah and people can live through.


You got to do what works for you.

If you're, one of those people that say, like, oh, well, I could never be with somebody.

I, don't trust, trust and believe I trust, him.

And trust could be built back if both people make an effort., You, know, I think we all have one more really burning.


Have you finally used every bathroom in your house? I have not.

No still have not? No, but I am I, am happy that they're there.

They have all been used, not necessarily by me.

I like to poop in my bathroom and my bathroom.

Only I will run upstairs in my very big home to use my bathroom.

Yeah and, bill.

Have you ever had a hangover worse than after that? Yes, he has.


Like a couple of months ago, we went to Atlantic, city, and I had to have security, put him in a wheelchair to bring us back to our room.

Yes, you know.

When you get a little bit of time.

Off, you got a party.

You got to live it up and tell him.

How did I take care of you? How did I.

Take care of him? I, let him sleep it off.

I stayed quiet.

When, he woke up, he was hungry.


The room service was going to take an hour and a half.

I ran downstairs to the food court.

I got him everything as options.

I took care of my baby.


So there's more than one person experiencing love right, now, Dolores.


What what can you tell us about? Your.

Your, new guy.

So Pauly is not from New Jersey.

He's, not a Jersey guy.

He's from Dublin, Ireland.

And he's he's a very cool guy., He's nice.

He's, very manly.

He reminds me.

Even though he's from Ireland.

He reminds me of a guy.

He's, like the kind of guys I grew up.


So, there's, like, this familiarity, there.

His family is a lot like mine, and, you know, it's fun and it's nice.

And he's just a great guy, right, frank? This oh, no.


Is an engagement, ring.

I'm going to switch it because a lot of people are starting to say I'm engaged, so I'm going to put on this finger.

Thank you.


They can all talk to you about.


Looks very shiny, that's why., Oh, it does.

Oh, Thank, you., But, they've all met Paul.

Paul is a white guy and they all love amazing.

He's, a very manly eyes.

Yes, very man.

Ring is coming soon.

Oh, I know.

A jeweler.


How are you feeling about paul? How? Do I feel about paul? Yeah, OK, guys., No, no, no, really not.

I got to be honest, with you.

Me, me and Paulie get along just fine, all right? Not.

Only we get along just fine.

It's, gotten to the point, really, that it's become a good friendship.

Dolores and Paulie together.

Myself and my girlfriend.

We all go out to dinner, all right? And.

We haven't.

And, like Dolores, said, Paulie's, Irish., All, right.

So, sometimes not as huggy.

Kissy, is.

Italian guys are all right., Now, when., When I see Paulie.

It's like demand a handshake and a hug.

All right, so we're moving.

We've come a long, long, way., And and guys and I never had a problem with Paulie.

All I wanted him to do is to be more around Dolores and I.

At the same time.

Because you'll see that, honestly.

Our relationship, it's not something for him to worry, about., And, I.

Think he's.

Finally, to that point, where now he sees Gwenn as I'll.

Do anything for her, I'll do anything for her.


He wants to be the one to do anything for me.

And I.

Just wanted the chance to be that guy.

Cause Paul's, a man's man.

All right? Yeah, not., Not man, man's man.

He, very man., And, Paul and I had talks, and Paul says, listen, I.

Just don't want to be her girlfriend, all right? I'm, a boyfriend, all right? I I want to take care of everything.


Ever since Dolores and I were divorced, she's dated other men, all right? And I've always taken care of so many other things.

But this.

I got to be honest.

Paul wants to handle everything, and it was a little hard for me.

But that's the way it should be.

It should be.

And he's a good guy.

So far, he's done it.

So last night, while Frank and I were to watch what happens live.

He was hanging out with Britney, who's in the front row.

And, Brittany and him came up with this new show called dating the Kitten or.


We could put the kibosh on that one: real quick.

Yeah, it's it's fun.

It's nice., And, Delores.

You were a bridesmaid at Teresa's wedding, but after not being at the engagement party.

How did you move past that to.

To celebrate the.

The, day?, Because, real friends, move past it., And, I and I understand Teresa's, had no ill intentions towards me.

I, don't gauge my friendship with Teresa on not being invited to her engagement, party.

And, the most thing is, nothing could have taken away.

How happy I was for her.

Nothing not.

Not, one thing.

I, just called Teresa the next day and I said, I just want to know.

Are you mad at me? And? She says, no, no, I'm sorry.

It's, not that.


She explains why.

And, I said, you know, what? You! Don't have to explain this to me.

I'm, not taking away your time to make this about.


I just want you to know I'm happy for you.


As long as there's no problem with me and you, I'm good.

And that's.

That's, how I trade.

And that's what real friends do.

Yeah you know, when photos first came out of us, your wedding.

There was a lot of reaction to your hair.


You surprised by that? What.

Did you make of of all of that attention to that? One particular part of the outfit? Thank you.

I loved it, too.


My crown was very big, so I told my hairdresser, I'm like, I want my hair.

Half up, half down.

So I didn't have a trial because we were crazy.

We were filming before that.

And I trust my hair stylist.

She's one of my best friends and she did it.

I loved it.

And we got married.

That was it., I never knew it was going to blow up the internet.

And like the next day, Andy Cohen texted music, I loved your hair.

I'm like, Thank you, Thank, you.


She said, the higher the hair, the closer the guy.

Iconic hair.


And then, if you guys are from Jersey, you know, the higher the hair, the closer the guy.


So Jersey is all about the big hair.

And I've heard that there is a pineapple juice shortage in New, Jersey, right? Yeah.

You have said that you and Louie had sex five times a day during your honeymoon.

Well, who doesn't do that on their honeymoon? Oh, man, I, don't know.

No one near death.

Has that continued.

Yeah, the honeymoon phase.


That's a good thing.

Yes Yeah.

Latino, let's see.

I got to take a break.

When you're in love, I mean, that's what you should be doing., You, know, and I know that we're going to end up seeing it play out this season.


What was your reaction when Joe and Melissa made the decision not to attend the wedding? Well, I was really hurt.

Obviously, it was, you know, was really sad for me, devastating.

He was my only brother, my only family that I have here.


My only family.

I lost my parents, and he is my only sibling and my yeah.

That's my father.

I have family in Italy, and Belgium.


Only cousins, they backstab me, you know, I, don't speak to them.


And! You guys know.

Yeah, unfortunately, Fame and money.

Does that to family.

And my family did that to me and to me.


You guys really get to know.

The real Theresa, you'll see that I'm all her.

And to me, family is the most important thing.

If you guys would have saw the way my brother and I grew up.

We were inseparable as Dolores, I can attest, you know.

And I will never forget.


Have a brother, too.

I'm, very close with Frank and tell you I talk to my brother, every day.


She was the same way with her brother.

She loves him.

She loved him.


They were always so close.

Like people were actually like jealous of our relationship because we were they used to ask me.

How are you? And.

Your brother is so close? I want to be close to my sister and my brother, like that., I'm, like, I, don't know., I, mean, I, just I, don't know.

I, always loved him.

He's, my brother, Melissa.

I know.

You mean Joe and Teresa.

I meant Joe.

Yeah go on.

So, you know.

So, listen, you know.

When people get married, their blood comes into the family, things, change.

So, I, mean, I'm sure it happens in a lot of families and.

Well, yeah, you know.

Nobody should speak unless they're in the situation.


That's what happened in our family.

Fame and money, unfortunately ruined our family.

And I'm, sad., I mean, of course, I'm sad for that.

But, you know,! That's what happens.

You know, Fame and money.

It does ruin families.


Let's switch to a happier thing.

We we've been talking a lot about your wedding.

And guess: what, everyone? We have an exclusive sneak peek for all of you to see.


It out.

I, can't wait.

First time I'm going to see you.

I love your dad.

Oh, that's beautiful., Yeah, of course.


This was what I was.

This was it.

She looked like a queen in New Jersey.

The, New, Jersey., So beautiful.


Do you take Teresa as your wife? From this day, forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.

For, all of your days.

I do.

And Teresa.

Do you take Louie as your husband, your best friend and partner in life? Yes, I, do., I do.

Can't, wait for you to wear this.

Louis,! You may now kiss your gorgeous bride.

My gosh.

So, beautiful., That, was.

Such, a lovely day.

I, have to say my favorite.

I just have to say that you were asking before what was the favorite part of the wedding? What I.

Remember now is the vows that they wrote to each other.

And I hope that the show lets you see.

All the vows.

Teresa was amazing.


Wait till you see her.

Kill, it, Louie.

I knew you were going to kill it, but Teresa killed, it., Well, Teresa and Louie's wedding special will air next year on Bravo.

I know we all can't wait for that.

That's too long.

I want to see you now.

I, want to see you now.

I can't wait to relive it., It's crazy.

It's, a long time., All right, well.

Now we're actually going to play a little game.

As current couples, former couples and friends.

You all know each other.

Pretty well.

So I want to ask you each some questions and you got to give us the juice on who, from The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast comes to mine.


So get ready to give us the Jersey juice.

All right.

So we're going to start with Dolores.

Guess, who is the guiltiest of holding a grudge, teresa? Frank? Who is the biggest horn ball going for horn born yet horn.

I think said: corn horn., Like, second horn, boy., That's, obvious.


It's always the littlest guy.

All right.

Joe Joe Gorga.

Jen, who is the biggest star? Who, is the biggest star? Teresa Hill.

Who has the craziest family? I've got the craziest family tree.

Louis,? Who cares the most about what fans think of them? Oh, not Teresa., Good answer, Teresa.

Which cast member is the richest? I think we're all rich in love and rich in our family.

Well, listen, I, don't know: People's Bank, accounts., Like, I, don't know Bill who shows up late.

The most.

Oh, I, don't know.

I, mean, I know Teresa is late.

My wife is always late.

I, I think people are more successful.

In life., I was just saying.

Oh, you.

Last time we filmed the three of us.

We always run late.

We're, always late.

Not easy to look.


It takes on Village People.

It's, always worth the wait.

Yes Yes.

Frank, who is the biggest drinker? The biggest creeper drinker.

Great creeper and creeper and drinker.

But I think it's the same.


I'm, the biggest lightweight.

On this group.- I'll be the first to admit., All right., That's, right., All, right., Thank, you., Thank, you., You're, right., All, right., The biggest drinker by far is, again, the littlest one, Joe Gorga Dolores, who complains the most on your show? Who? what? Who complains the most? We're, really not complaining.

Margaret? hello? Margaret? oh, my God.

She calls and she cries about everything to the network.


Did you guys not know that? Sorry well, that actually dovetails nicely with this one.

Teresa, who's, the worst at keeping a secret? Who's the worst? That, keeping a secret? I mean, that could be.

I would say.

Can, I, say, john? Don't, say me.

Well, I was going to say, because we've heard a lot of things coming up in the next season.

So I would have to say maybe.

Margaret, oh, OK.


Take that answer.


Just because when you watch the new season, you'll see why.

You know, no offense.

I mean, we've just heard things.


If they were secrets.

Oh, I got leaked, you know.

Oh, Yes.


It was not me., Wait, listen.

Let me put this out.


I, do regret, putting out the Evan and Jackie rumor, but that I do regret.

I swear, guys, I got I, got I got interviewed earlier and they asked me.

What do you regret on the show? So I'll admit to you, guys, I2 things I regret telling Danielle.

Well, I didn't tell her to pull her Margaret's hair.

No, but listen.

No, no, no, no.

I, know what.

John, I, didn't.


Wasn't my idea.

But then, when she asked me, when she asked me, I said, yeah, do it, do it, do it.

So she didn't tell her.

She was in my head being honest guys, like I thought it was going to make great TV.

I was like.

It's going to make great TV., But I didn't know.

Danielle was going to pull her hair the way she did.


Then I was like, Oh, my gosh, I regret doing that.


Then the Jackie and Evan thing, I, swear, guys, I, regret doing that.

I do regret.


But I heard it from someone else, so that's why.

Now and then you guys found out at the last reunion who I heard it.

From, right? It was out there.


If they didn't hear it.

Last season, they're going to find out this season.


So you guys are going to find that tune.

That's, all we have.

So I just want and then, guys.

That was the only reason why I did that.

I figured, jack, you know, I was like, oh, my god.

This will make great TV, too, because wait, because I was like, I thought Jackie was just going to ignore it.

Like I used to do with my ex.

I used to be like.

You guys., See, I have no filter, really.

So I thought Jackie was just going to brush it off and say, all right, you know.

If you're saying this, just prove it.


Obviously she took it to a whole other level.

So I do regret doing that, because I didn't want to hurt her, you know, so.

But we're going to go to an audience.

Q&A right, now.

We have microphones in each aisle.

I'm going to ask one more question.

While everyone runs for the microphone.

Frank, this is one for you.

Oh, I got a lot of questions.


My goodness.

I feel like.

All right.

So so, let's start with the gentleman in the Jean jacket over here.

Hello hello? Andre Yes.

Hi, Delores., Love, you., Miss, you.

Where's, your family? Tell them I'm by myself.

Oh, tell them it's fine.

Everybody here, my family.

Hi yeah, absolutely.

Teresa yesterday, Vicky, said you were the most overrated housewife.

She's an asshole.

Says, the most overrated housewife.

All right.

I think she was confused because you bring the most ratings and she doesn't do that.


Thank you.


My question is for Teresa.


You were to go on a girl's, spa day,! Would you take.

Caroline Manzo, Kim, Dee or Melissa.

Oh,? That's a good one., Melissa, hard.

I would take him.


I knew she.

Because, you know, I'll, tell you why.

Because I used to hang out with Kim.

We used to.


She was.

She was so much fun to hang out with., So, I'm being honest with you.

I, never really hung out with Caroline Manzo, like going out wise and Melissa.

She was always my sister-in-law.


We weren't like best friends to hang out and go out and have a good time.


But I did go out with her and I did have fun with her.

Next question over here, Joel and frank, everybody loves you., I'm sure you all know: everybody.

Jenn, you're, my favorite friend at a pool.

Oh, Thank you., And, Teresa, I love, you.

Congratulations to you and Louie.



People also want to know.

We know what an analogy is: now, right?, Yeah, I, love, you., I, love, you., Good luck over here.

We know we want to.

An analogy.


My name is Amanda.

I'm, a fellow Jersey girl.

Love, you guys so much.

Teresa the table, flip.

Absolutely iconic, most iconic moment of all time.

I need to know.

Where do you stand with danielle? Why?, just I put something out there about her, and I.

Guess she liked what I said, and she texted me.

She said, Thank you for talking nicely about me.

Oh, so that was nice., That's good., I mean.

We don't hang out or anything, and I wish her Well.

Great Yeah.

Nice to meet you.

Thank you so much.

Hi, over here.


My name is Jay.

I'm here from New York.

My question is for the queen of New Jersey, a.k.a.


Teresa over the last few seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

You've made a few comments about one of your coworkers, Margaret, and her weight.


Do you respond to viewers who were deeply affected by those comments,? Even though you weren't speaking on viewers and talking about margaret? Well, you know, when you're mad, you say things that you know you don't mean.

You know, she's, she's she's, she came at me: first.

I, never throw to first punch.

Yeah, I really.

Yeah I mean.

Last season.

You got you guys? No last season.

You guys saw what she did.

She came after my boyfriend.


When you come after my boyfriend, I come punching back.

If you don't like what I say, don't start with me.


We love you.

So, but you know what? Margaret looks amazing, right now, so that's real., So and kudos to Margaret.


She looks amazing.

Over here in that aisle.

Hey, Teresa.

My name is Jennifer.

I got a picture with you.


Thank you so much.

First of all, my question is, you've been on for TV for the last, like 12 years., Looking back at your time.

What is your most favorite moment that was filmed? Well, I mean, just because it just happened right now off the top of my head.

The first thing, I'm going to say is our wedding.

Besides, the wedding.

OK yeah.

There were so many.

You know: what? I, just I just got asked that question today during press.

So thank you.

I said one of my favorite moments with my parents, because now that I don't have them anymore, I could look back and see the good times that we had on the show.

Oh, I love, that., Thank, you., Over, here., Hi, everyone., I'm Sharon, born and raised in New York.

And, I'm, curious, actually, I'm.

Stealing this question from someone earlier.


You give us one of your favorite moments when Andy Cohen, maybe something that we don't in Jersey or in New york? I can his his baby shower was amazing.

I wish that it was filmed because it was the dynamics of every housewife in a very small room., And I think it was the first time we were all together like that, because there was no bravocon before that.

Right, so Lisa Rinna got up on The table and she said, you guys dance for him.

He pays for your life.


She became my spirit animal in that moment.


It was just to see how all the different people acted with each other.

And as you know.

It was so cool.

It was so cool.

Jeff Lewis, with no wait, who was there? Who's, his friend? Anderson Cooper.

And John Mayer was there.

And who and the guy that owned the restaurant? Yes Yes.

So, it was a great time.

It was just awesome.

I would love to have seen that on film, but he didn't want to film it and Teresa or Jennifer anything.

I'm, trying to remember great moments that you guys haven't seen.

Well, I, just love Andy Cohen because, you know.

When I was going through a dark time.

In my life, we kept in touch.

When I was in jail, we emailed each other.

So, yeah.

That really meant the world to me.

I, really did.

Yeah I mean, for me, going to all the time.

It was really nice.

Yeah for me, I could say: I haven't had too many memories with Andy Cohen, but something that doesn't include me is my memory of his New Year's rant, which I was.

Yes, I was loving it because I can appreciate really drunk moments.

That was my favorite.

Thank you, guys.

Love, love, love.

Being, here over in that aisle.

Theresa, we have to know, how is juicy Joe, doing? Oh, he's doing great.

Thanks for asking.

He's, doing really, really great.

Yeah, Louie and him get along great.

And, you know.

He speaks to the kids, every day.

They're, going out to see him.

Matter of fact, for teachers, weekend, November, 9th., So they'll, be there for a few days.

But know, he's doing good and he approves of Louie.


He does.

Yes, he does.

They get along great.

Thank you.

Thank, you.

Over here.

My question is also for Theresa, queen of New Jersey, kind of piggybacking off the last question.

As a fan who's been watching you from season one, we've seen you in a relationship, then and now.

I can see you're very happy.

What advice.

Do you have for women who, who are afraid to start over? Never, give up.

Never, give up and manifest it.

Put it out there in the universe., I'm serious.

Like or if you have someone that passed away and then you're really close to speak to them.

Because I spoke to my parents, I swear to god, guys, I'm, the same street.

I met Louie a few weeks before that.

I looked up in the sky, because I never believed that., I, looked up to the sky and and I talked to my parents.

I was just talking to them.

I'm like, mob boss.

Send me a guy.

That's everything you ever wanted for me and more.

That speaks really nice to me.

That puts me first.

I choose to be like a queen.


A few weeks later, on, babe Boulevard, I met Louie.

So I swear, guys, never, never get.

No, you know.

It's really I swear, it's.

I'll never give up over here.

So earlier on, today, I was watching the the panel that Joe Gorga was on.

He said he heard in the press that you don't want to make amends with him.


He said, she's older than me, she's, the boss.

So I.

Guess we're not going to.

So I was asking you if that was really true or, you know.

If you wanted to make amends with him.

I mean, every day, I hear something new that my brother is saying in the press.


This is why this family shouldn't be acting.

This way right, now.

I just got married.

I'm, focusing on my children.

I'm, focusing on my husband.

I wish him and his family.


This is shenanigans.


This is not how I was raised.

My parents are off the boat on first generation, and what's going on, is disgusting.

It really is.

So? That's why I just want him to keep my name and my name out of his mouth.


Want him to wish me well and I.

Wish him well.

And, that's it.

I really, you know, I just want peace, like I just and for my own, like, mental health and and just like.

You know, you know.

When there's drama that goes on, like, you can't concentrate.

What's, really important, like my children, they're teenagers right now.

I have there's an important time in their life.

I got married.

So I want to focus on what's, you know, what's good for our family.

And, my brother and Melissa are the ones that said they wanted to toxic to be taken.



They got what they wanted and I wish them.


And to your kids and his kids.

Are they still friendly or I mean, my daughters, they're, so respectful.

I know they Snapchat with Antonia.

So, you know, Antonia just got her license.

She could come over all the time.

Now, my other nieces, I, don't speak to my other I mean, we're cordial.


If I see them, I'll, say Hi to them.


What Joe's family, I don't see.

Joe's family.

The kids are so close.

They all drive.

They, come over to my house.

We took Joe, my niece, simona, to vacation with us.

And, I mean.

So all my nieces, my other niece on Pete's daughter, Joe's brother.

We just took her to California with us, because I was on Dancing With, the Stars.

So on Joe's family, I, the cousins, all see each other.

OK, we're out of time.

Well, I have to say.

It's really nice to see you in living in such a lovely place., Thank, you.


Everyone here is fabulous.

Thank you so much for coming.


Thank you all for coming, and enjoy the rest of your bravocon.

Oh, Thank, you, guys.



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Why Didn't Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga Attend Teresa Giudice's Wedding? Joe and Melissa opted to skip Teresa's wedding after the trio had a blowout while filming season 13 of the Bravo show.

Why was Joe Gorga not invited to Teresa's wedding? ›

Why Didn't Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga Attend Teresa Giudice's Wedding? Joe and Melissa opted to skip Teresa's wedding after the trio had a blowout while filming season 13 of the Bravo show.

Did the Gorgas not attend Teresa's wedding? ›

Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga didn't attend Teresa Giudice and Luis “Louie” Ruelas' wedding as shown on The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Gets Married special on May 23, but social media posts the two of them shared, which alluded to their absence, did end up making an appearance.

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Teresa invited Melissa Gorga to be a bridesmaid in her wedding after the two sisters-in-law had a falling out over the seating arrangement at Teresa's engagement party. However, Melissa declined the offer, stating that she was not comfortable being a bridesmaid after being excluded from the initial invitations.

Did Joey go to Teresa's wedding? ›

Joe also addressed their decision on the Melissa Gorga On Display podcast, saying it was "so, so hard" for him to not attend the wedding, especially since Teresa is his only living immediate family. "To me, it was devastating. It really was. It was one of the hardest days of my life.

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Tre's debt with Juicy Joe Giudice remains active and with a pending payoff. She has been contributing to it regularly, but she also got married with $10k of hair glued to her head.

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Teresa Giudice was reportedly hit with a $17,061.32 federal tax lien in April 2023 — bringing her New Jersey tax debt to over $1million, according to The Sun. The RHONJ star, 51, received the penalty on April 19 for allegedly neglecting to pay off her debt in the years 2020 and 2021.

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Then she didn't even come to the wedding, and you know what? I'm glad she didn't.” Teresa revealed that Ramona, 65, did not send a gift after skipping Teresa and Luis Rules' nuptials.

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As reported by Monsters and Critics, several Bravo stars were in attendance for Teresa's special day, including co-stars Margaret, Dolores Catania, Jennifer Aydin, and Jackie Goldschneider. Notably missing from the event was her brother Joe Gorga and his wife, Teresa's nemesis, Melissa Gorga.

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During Tuesday night's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa turned down the invite from Teresa to be a bridesmaid in her wedding after Teresa failed to ask her in the first place.

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While some of the other RHONJ cast members are taking sides in the drama between the sisters-in-law, Dolores Catania has been friends with both Melissa and Teresa for years.

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Louie's sons, Nicholas and Louie Jr., were by his side when The Real Housewives of New Jersey OG walked down the aisle during the Teresa Gets Married wedding special on May 23, while Teresa's daughters — Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana — donned blush pink gowns to be four of her bridesmaids on the big day.

Who will Joey marry? ›

Joey Never Got Married After Friends

Joey was never one to get married, even though Joey proposed to Phoebe and Rachel upon hearing they were pregnant, and he was later engaged to Alex. However, Joey's real problem was his fear of commitment.

Why is Dina not talking to Teresa? ›

Family drama. Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Gorga claimed that his brother-in-law, Luis “Louie” Ruelas, is responsible for ​breaking Teresa Giudice's ​relationship with her longtime friend Dina Manzo. “We were never not friends,” Dina said of Teresa in an Instagram Stories post from November 2022.

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We were never not friends,” Dina clarified on Instagram. “Sometimes friendships go [through phases], but in the end, true friendships will always find their way back when the time is right.”

Did Kathy go to Teresa's mom's funeral? ›

She writes in her new book, Standing Strong, that she was "disgusted" by Kathy for how she acted after Teresa's mother passed away and that she didn't make it to the funeral because she was on vacation, according to ET.

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Teresa reportedly earns $1.1 million per season, earning her spot as one of the highest paid Real Housewives in the franchise. TELL US – WHAT DO YOU THINK IS A FAIR AMOUNT TO PAY REAL HOUSEWIVES CAST PER SEASON? DOES THE SALARY SEEM FAIR FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT VALUE?

What did Teresa Giudice pay for her house? ›

REAL Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has finally sold the $1.9million New Jersey mansion she shared with her ex-husband Joe after buying a $3million home with her fiance Luis Ruelas.

How much was Teresa's wedding and who paid for it? ›

Teresa spent well over $100,000 on her wedding with Louie at Park Chateau Estate and Gardens in East Brunswick, N.J. The venue alone costs at least $32,000.

How is Joe Gorga rich? ›

What Is Joe Gorga's Job? Joe currently makes most of his money through flipping houses, while he also runs a landscaping and trash business. In 2017, the Bravo star and his sister, Teresa Giudice, opened an Italian restaurant called Gorga's Homemade Pasta & Pizza in their mother's honor shortly after her death.

What is Joe Giudice doing now? ›

After serving 41 months in prison, Joe was deported to his native Italy in 2019, even though he lived his whole life in the United States. The couple subsequently split and have been divorced since 2020. Joe currently lives in the Bahamas, where his daughters take turns visiting him.

Who is the most famous housewife of NJ? ›

1. Teresa Giudice. To be honest, I haven't liked Teresa since Season 8. But my personal feelings aside, Teresa (aka the real-life 👁👄👁 face) is objectively the top dog of RHONJ and has been since her table flip heard 'round the world.

Does Teresa Giudice owe the IRS? ›

New address and husband, same old federal tax problems for Teresa Giudice. Giudice, 52, owes $14,611.41 for the 2020 tax year and $2,449.91 for the 2021 tax year, according to the lien filled last month.

How much was Teresa's restitution? ›

The “Real Housewives” star and her husband owe $414,588. — -- “Real Housewives” star Teresa Giudice has paid the federal government the $200,000 in restitution she was ordered to have at sentencing, the U.S. Attorney's Office confirmed to ABC News.

How much was Teresa Giudice hair? ›

Teresa Giudice's hair cost $10,000, and most of that was custom-made hair extensions. $7,000 worth of hair extensions. Three pounds worth of fake hair. To hold it all together like some Frankenstein monster's neck bolts was a strategic assortment of 1,500 bobby pins.

Did Joe Gorga go to his sister wedding? ›

Despite their issues, it was still a difficult decision for Joe not to be at his only sibling's wedding. "We lost our parents and, to me, it was devastating. It really was. It was one of the hardest days of my life," Joe said.

Will Joe and Teresa make up? ›

Teresa called the whole situation "so sad" while chatting with E! News in September 2022, adding, "It's not how I wanted things to end up." Despite that, the RHONJ star revealed that she had no plans of making amends with Joe and Melissa, stating, "No, no, no, that's really it. That's it."

What does Luis Ruelas do for a living? ›

Luis also included his new business, which is called Digital Media Solutions (DMS), in his Instagram profile. The company describes itself as a “leading provider of tech-enabled digital performance advertising solutions,” per its unverified account. DMS is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Were Joe and Melissa at Teresa's wedding? ›

Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga didn't attend Teresa Giudice and Luis “Louie” Ruelas' wedding as shown on The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Gets Married special on May 23, but social media posts the two of them shared, which alluded to their absence, did end up making an appearance.

Do Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga get along? ›

The Giudices and Gorgas have always had a rocky relationship, but they stopped speaking to each other after an explosive argument during the Season 13 finale.

Are Teresa Giudice and Kathy Wakile friends? ›


Kathy, who left the show after season 7, has had an estranged relationship with Teresa for a few years now, and revealed in March 2021 that she and Melissa are also not speaking.

Why is Luis face so red? ›

Fans of the Bravo series have been questioning the reality star's appearance for months. However, Teresa debunked the assumptions and told fans that the real reason behind her husband's red face was his obsession with steam showers.

How much is Bill Aydin worth? ›

What Is 'RHONJ' Star Bill Aydin's Net Worth? Its been reported that Bill and Jennifer have a combined estimated net worth of $11 million.

Were Melissa and Joe invited to Teresa's wedding? ›

But Teresa's relationship with Melissa and Joe would continue to be anything but peaceful, as their growing season 13 feud eventually caused the two to skip Teresa and Louie's wedding. See the drama continue to unfold when The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

Was Joe Gorga supposed to walk Teresa down the aisle? ›

Though fans had speculated that Joe Gorga was supposed to accompany his only sister to the altar, the real estate developer — who, along with his wife, Melissa Gorga, ultimately chose to skip the lavish affair in August 2022 — has claimed he was “never asked.”

Was Jackie invited to Teresa's wedding? ›

Jackie & Evan Goldschneider Attended Teresa & Louie's Wedding in “All Black Everything”

How much did Teresa Giudice's wedding hair cost? ›

Fifteen-hundred bobby pins, three pounds of hair, three-and-a-half hours of styling and one bejeweled crown all add up to Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice's $10,000 wedding-day hairstyle.

Is Dolores invited to Teresa's wedding? ›

RHONJ's Dolores Catania opens up about season 13 and more

She explained that while the RHONJ cast is welcoming to everyone, people have to be like them to fit in. The cast member opened up about Teresa's wedding and said that she was honored to be at the wedding and be able to share that time with her.

How many kids does Luis Ruelas have? ›

How Many Kids Does Luis Ruelas Have? Before marrying the Bravo celebrity in August 2022, Luis was already a father of two boys, Louie Jr., 19, and Nicholas, 21, whom he shares with his ex, Marissa Dimartino Ruelas.

Why do Melissa and Teresa not get along? ›

On The Real Housewives of New Jersey's shocking season 13 finale, Melissa Gorga slammed sister-in-law Teresa Giudice for secretly repeating a cheating rumor about her to husband Joe Gorga.

Do dolores and Melissa get along? ›

While some of the other RHONJ cast members are taking sides in the drama between the sisters-in-law, Dolores Catania has been friends with both Melissa and Teresa for years.

Why did the Gorgas skip the wedding? ›

Two sources said Melissa and Joe backed out of attending two days before the ceremony when false rumors about their marriage surfaced amid filming. Both Teresa and Louie's actions at the time ultimately influenced the Gorgas' decision. "Teresa betrayed them in a way that's unforgivable," one source said.

Who showed up at Teresa's wedding? ›

According to other reports, guests at Saturday's event included RHONJ's Jennifer Aydin, Dolores Catania, Margaret Josephs, and Jackie Goldschneider; The Real Housewives of Dubai's Chanel Ayan; The Real Housewives of Miami's Alexia Nepola; The Real Housewives of Potomac's Ashley Darby; The Real Housewives of New York ...

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